Subject to Change

Writings and Interviews

by Liz Magor

Subject to Change: Writings and Interviews brings together catalogue statements, essays, conversations, lecture notes, communications with gallerists and writers, and unpublished writings by Liz Magor, of the most important contemporary artists of the last fifty years. In addition to writings spanning more than four decades, the book features a preface by Magor, as well as an introductory essay by critic and curator Philip Monk.

A sculptor who replicates quotidian objects, often combining them with found ephemera or complicating their shape or size, Liz Magor prompts viewers of her sculptures to endow them with stories and histories of their own making. As a writer, Magor uses narrative to make sense of her own work, but she also returns to themes over the course of her career including subject/object relations and transformations; training systems for artists; consumption and commodification; human attachment and relationships; and complexities of time, place, and situation, particularly her own as a feminist artist in a settler-colonial society. Subject to Change is essential reading for anyone interested in Magor's practice, as well as broader questions in art since the 1970s.

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